Do it for Dillon Mario

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Do it for Dillon Mario

***Do it for Dillon Drop***

B’s Boards meets Sink or Swim

Mario for Dillon

04/25/2024 at 7pm est

100 count 50/50 split with a limit of 3 per maker.

Hey everyone,

It would really mean a lot if you could take a moment and read this whole post.

Recently one of our brothers in this community have spent a lot of time in and out of the hospital recently with their son Dillon! For anyone that’s not aware his son Dillon has Hunter Syndrome (also known as Mucopolysaccharidosis or MPS II). For more information on this you can visit (

Well, with hospital visits come bills. So Sink or Swim and B’s Boards instantly linked up because we needed and wanted to do something since Steve has always been there for us. We wanted to help a brother of the community who always helps us, so we went to work. This patch is truly important to us since this patch is for someone we call a brother.

Dillons favorite character is Super Mario so it was an obvious choice of who this patch was going to be. All proceeds from this patch will be going to Steve and his family to help take some of the burden off of the hospital bills. I hope you love this patch.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️